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Sunday, May 25, 2014

What an Awesome Surprise!

Brandon popped in a few weeks back with arm loads of
potting soil and veggie plants for me!
I was so excited! He knows I like to put some in every year but they just weren't in the budget for this year.
The Potatoes he brought are coming up.
They went in my wheel barrow that I had hoped to add some plants to but that darn budget interfered again.
So in went the Pots!

The snails like this one, thus the egg shells encircling it.

Yellow Zukes

 Tomato :)


As long as I was out with my camera I took some photos
of other yummers growing in the garden;)

Orange Blossoms



Cherry Plums


Hollyhocks in front (no they aren't edible :/)
Bay Leaf Tree in the back is getting huge.

Apple Blossoms




 Didn't make it out in time for the Asparagus :(
So we have nice ferny plants.

Oh well, there's always next year


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