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Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Happy Birthday to US!!

Wishing the best Happy Birthday to my youngest son
who will be turning 23 on May 10.

You were the best Birthday present I ever received! 


Yes, he was born on my Birthday.
We won't mention how many I will be turning!!


Since our Birthday's and Mother's Day are so close together we celebrate the 3 of them here and there making it a week long celebration sometimes!

You have grown into a wonderful young man 
and I am so proud of you. 
I Lve You with all my  !!!

We celebrated some last night since C will be over at B's and T's until Sunday when M, T and I will go over to celebrate Mother's day. The first time in 23 years C and I won't be together on our birthday's
Yes, I will put on my big girl panties and get through the day-----

But I digress....
Last night we had fun.
Well, maybe not at first....
At least the dogs were excited!
Ah, the prospects of another year...
Yes, I think he's getting to that age of
"oh, another Birthday?"
(note ALL the candles ;)) 

But then we got him to cRaCk!

Look at the glow on that table cake!
Good thing I reminded him to use his inhaler prior to blowing!! LOL
Looky what I received from Purex Insiders!

Then I have to share this card I received from my
 Sister and Brother-in-law!!


Lve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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