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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bed/Craft Room Combo , part 4

Continued from here

Looking into the vanity area .
The Soda boxes over the doorway from Dad's Shop
now hold my Postcard collection and other sentiments.

On the right, yes another box from Dad,
this one held Produce from Portugal at one time.
Now it holds a variety of things including postcards from Portugal.
My dresser from when I was a child sits on the left.

The second drawer folds down to reveal the desk
where I did homework years ago.

This is where my ignored Orchid resides
and thrives :)

Nope no new paint for my old dresser.
I left it the way it was to remind me what,
at the time I thought was cool,
to turn the handles and mark through the paint.
I made complete circles on a couple of the bottom ones
 (you can see in the above photo)
AHHH! Kids!!!!

Love my faux Freesia basket:)

A photo of when my kiddos were much younger.
Embellished frame by me :)

Shelves on the left holds jars of more supplies
and needfuls.

 It's hard to see but I have a mirror, which has Flamingos on it, hanging over the vanity mirror. This Flamingo mirror hung in my Parents living room for years while I was growing up.

Bird plates dot the area above the vanity lights
while bird houses hang in each corner.

I wake up to photos of my Parents and
my Sister and I each morning,

along with another embellished clock I made. 

 A curio holds vintage vanity items that belonged to my several members of my family.
A wooden heart holds some necklaces. 

Yes, another of Dad's boxes.
This one was painted and now holds nail polish
and other misc. items.

 Below the curio and box are 2 stacked fruit crates which hold my jewelry case. The 2 wooden cigar boxes hold makeup then more supplies nestle below.

 Inside the bath area doilies, my Grandmother made, decorate a wicker shelf that holds vintage along with newer vanity items. My small watering can collection hides hair pins, etc. 
A larger one holds washcloths.

Candle melts and tea lights are stored close at hand.
An art bouquet of Flowers my Daughter made
for me for Mother's Day years ago.
 Each petal has a sweet saying on it. 
3 stacked fruit crates hold a sweet heart shaped basket, a jar of my Grandmothers unfinished crochet projects,
extra TP,

extra bars of soap
and a chamber pot that belonged to my Grandmother.
It now holds other hidden needfuls ;)

The conclusion is next, yes, finally!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

''Sage Is the Rage''

Yes, it seems I'm borrowing a title from one of the
 ''Long Island Medium'' 's episodes.
We went on a road trip a while back.
While out exploring, we came across wild White Sage.
Lots and lots of huge plants everywhere.
We decided to pull over and pick some.
Brought the branches home and hung them in the kitchen.

It sure smelled good while they were hanging there.

I thought I'd try to root some and they seem to have taken off!

The next day I made Smudging Bundles. 

Then placed them on the top of the
cabinet in my bedroom to dry.

I kept any leaves that fell off because
 you can Smudge with them too.

I'd been thinking of Smudging, then Blessing the house
for quite a while now to remove
ALL the negative energy that has resided here.
I wanted to purge the house of all it's negative items
prior to the Smudging.

We decided to proceed last weekend.

We lit white candles in each room.

Opened windows and doors.

First we smudged the entire house,
starting at the back of the house and going clockwise..
Every corner and closet.
Garage and attic.
Repeating our Affirmation as we went.

When done, we salted all the entrances - doors and windows.
Placed bowls of salt in each room to absorb any negative energy left over, then throwing them out 24 hours later.

Next was the Epiphany House Blessing.
Above the front door in chalk we wrote the Magi's initials, the four crosses of the Seasons and the Numerals of the year.
We prayed and sprinkled Holy Water all around the entrance.
Again, starting at the back of the house and going clockwise,
we entered each room and said that particular rooms Blessing.
We Blessed each room by sprinkling Holy Water all around it.

I was raised Catholic but have an open mind to other beliefs.
There seemed to be a heaviness in this house, but now it feels so much lighter. And for the first time in a long time I feel content.
I even feel lighter.

I know some will say it's all in my mind. I don't care.
I was at the point that I needed to do something.
That is the reason I did different ones from different religions/beliefs.
I wanted ALL my bases covered.

I believe these rituals have made my home peaceful,
full of love and light. This was the first time I have ever done any of these.  I had seen smudging and salting on TV. But when my Sister sent me her Church's bulletin that had the Epiphany House Blessing on the front page, I took it as a sign that the time was right.

I am so glad I followed through with what I had been thinking about doing. I plan to cleanse the house on a regular basis.

Those of you who follow me know the negativity I have dealt with for so long.  I have decided not to pursue anything further. It's not fair to me, but for my piece of mind it's the conclusion I've made. 

This unfamiliar feeling of final closure and contentment is something I will need to get used to.
Fingers crossed that I won't need to deal with that ''certain'' negativity again.

Like I said, fingers crossed. ;)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Stick Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets in cracks and crevices to keep out the insects and other pests.
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Wiping up sawdust, on the shop workbench, from drilling or sandpapering is easy. A used sheet will collect sawdust like a tack cloth.
I actually like to wipe the dogs down with them when they don't get their regular baths - for one reason or another :/
Katie says it makes me smell fresh
Bella likes that it removes any loose dirt
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Rare Appearance on the Soap Box!

I am SO fed up with this 'new improved health care system'. ..........After dealing with Medi-Cal & CoveredCA......there is not one person that knows their job or even cares to.
T turned 26 in Dec and went off biological fathers insurance. Since he is disabled he applied for Medi-Cal. Was told he did not qualify. And to apply for CoveredCa, he was accepted and signed up for Blue Shield. Everything was fine until mid February when he was told he did not qualify for CoveredCa, that he qualified for Medi-Cal and there would be a penalty come next year in taxes due to receiving CoveredCa when he didn't qualify. Huh??? Nothing had changed in 3 months in our household, wth?   He was told he would be receiving a letter in the mail, that by the time he received said letter he could call Medi-Cal and find out when his card would show up...My concern was he would run out of meds...you know how fast slow things move Letter arrived, he called Medi-cal, they said you do NOT qualify for Medi-cal, you have to use CoveredCA. Told them what he was told and he was told, he was told wrong. Called CoveredCA, he was told he did NOT qualify for CoveredCA, he qualified for Medi-Cal, that they were wrong. I could see a meltdown coming. That's when I took over....either that or the phone was going thru the window!  
 3 days later after waiting for 2-3 hrs. at a time and being ping ponged back and forth, I told Medi-cal that when his meds ran out I would not hospitalize him but bring him down to them and they could care for him while he was off meds and continue to care for him until he received them and once restarted, it takes approx. 6 weeks for his medications to build back up in his system to work. 
~~~~ He had a paper stating he was Medi-Cal eligible the next day in the mail. That the actual State card would arrive in 4-6 wks. Amen, finally we were done. Knew things had gone too smoothly back in Dec/Jan......ha!
March arrives, payment for CoveredCA was taken out of my account. I called Blue Shield, they had no idea that his policy had been cancelled. OK should have known the left hand doesn't talk to the right. I cancelled his policy stating he was told he did not qualify by CoverdCa. They wanted to know why...I said " I dunno, when do I get my money back?" Was told I would have a reimbursement check in 3-4 weeks. Of course, they just can't reverse the charges, that would be too easy now wouldn't it? I have yet to receive that check.
April comes. Another payment was pulled. I called Blue Shield who  again had no idea his policy was cancelled and wanted to know why. I asked why was it not cancelled when I called in March? Response: "I dunno". Asked when I would received my money back? Response: In 3-4 weeks. I waited 10 days and called back to check the status of his policy. I was told his policy was in full effect, payments were current and to use it without worry.
He went from not qualifying for Medi-Cal or CoveredCa to qualifying for both!
Now I have spent too many hours on hold for too many days to care anymore. It is not my job, I am NOT the professional, just a lowly housewife......scratch that. .....single Mom. I am Not the one being paid to keep Medical/CoveredCA Accounts up to date. So I guess he now qualifies for both???!!! I give! I have done my due diligence.
SO.....I figure T can go back to his regular Drs. that he has had for 20 yrs. His disabilities were severely exasperated due to having to lose his Psychiatrist and the thought of losing his Primary Care Physician due to the Insurance change. We are lucky enough to have a Primary Care Dr. who actually cares. He has been treating T and also acting as his 'Psychiatrist' due to the reasons stated above. And hey, with Medi-Cal his Rx's are free.
He lost his psychiatrist because she doesn't accept Medi-Cal. This has exponentially increased his symptoms. I called and made an appointment  with her since he is still ''covered'' by CoveredCa. Why does he have to suffer and degrade due to their incompetency. Oh and yes it much be those violent games that make people take their frustrations out in violent ways.
I have yet to receive any reimbursement for the months his policy was supposedly cancelled. Don't think I ever will.
OK, I'm stepping off my soapbox. I rarely step on to it and consider myself to be quite a patient person and always do what I am told, a BIG default in my personality. Example: my 39 year marriage.......
 I THINK I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO WORK THE SYSTEM ! albeit accidentally and unknowingly.

So when we end up in jail for using the wrong/right/wrong/right?? Insurance, can someone bake us a file in a cake!


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