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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Red Barns

I don't know if it is because I was raised on a farm  but I have a thing for barns. Yes, I admit it, I love barns! My Grandparents had a huge barn since they were in the dairy business. Our barn was smaller. Dad was a carpenter by trade and farmer by hobby. Not sure that hobby is the exact word I should use. He worked during the day and farmed at night and on weekends. It was an all consuming ''hobby''. We had beef cattle, so our freezers were always full of meat. Not only beef but lamb, chicken, rabbit, duck and sometimes pork. He also had a huge vegetable garden that fed they whole family, even after we were grown and had our own families.  There was a write up in the paper when their postman retired When asked what he thought he would miss the most, he said "The fresh vegetables from Andy Avila"! LOL
Maybe that's why I share my veggies and fruit from my garden with my mail lady. It's tradition ;)
But I digress, I love barns
So here are a few I've photographed along our back country roads where I live now.

 This one reminds me of our barn, even though ours was never red.


Ok I have to throw a gratuitous shot of my fave cows
 I pass all the time.

They're usually standing in this corner very content to be chewing on the iron fence (they get minerals from it).
They're my ''Happy Cows :) 


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