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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Any WWII Buffs Out There?

I've been going through and destashing a lot of my goodies  clutter.
It's a fresh new year and I want to clean out unused items, supplies, items that I'm hanging on to that don't really speak to me.

I feel like I can't breathe sometimes and that I'm going to be the next one on Hoarders!

I came across a huge tin full of  things of Dad's from WWII and earlier. I know there are collectors out there that will appreciate these things more than I. Now there are certain items I won't part with, like his handwritten Flight Log Book that on one date describes the crash landing his PBY.

But I digress, here are some unique and interesting items that I am honored to present..

Short Snorters
This one has sold.
You're probably wondering what the heck a ''Short Snorter'' is.
A short snorter is a banknote inscribed by people traveling together on an aircraft.
During World War II short snorters were signed by flight crews and conveyed good luck to soldiers crossing the Atlantic. Friends would take the local currency and sign each other's bills creating a "keepsake of your buddy's signatures".
 The challenge became pulling out your roll of taped-together bills and comparing them. 
Whoever had the shortest strip of bills had to buy a round of drinks!
Thus the short snorter.
This one is available here
 These Navy,
and white Rating Patches have already sold.
These assorted WWII US Navy Ribbons are available here
Love these WWII Pins, available here.
These WWII US Navy Combat Air Crew Wings
sold fast!
 As did these 2 sets of buttons also!

WW II Antilles Department U S Army Motion Picture Service Coupon Book is Complete!  You can find it here 
 These Unique Vintage Cigarette Lighters from WWII era
are so interesting and available here. 
This WWII US First Aid Packet that is still sealed has sold.

There will be more to come. Great gift ideas for the history buff.
I'm sure these bring back memories for a lot of  Service Men and Women out there.
Enjoy browsing ♥


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