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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Last Minute Gift Card/Cash Containers

As I stated in my last post I am way behind
this year regarding Christmas.
No time for shopping or creating gifts
I gave in to gift cards/cash and trinkets.
Hey, I can only do so much!
I didn't want to just stick them in a card, envelope, or gift wrapped box, I wanted the container to be pretty and unique, so that perhaps they could reuse them.
I had been saving tins, such as Altoids, Band Aids, etc. to someday do something with them.
That day had come!
They proved to be the right size for what I needed.
Sorry no before or during photos - no time!
Choosing a different theme for each one,
Jingle Bell Snowman,
Christmas Candy Cane,
I layered complimenting
papers, images, trinkets, trims, etc.
covering the tins completely.

Tinsel pipe cleaners added a touch of vintage charm and covered narrow areas around the lids.
So if you need a quick gift card or small gift container, these proved a quick breeze with your glue gun to make!


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