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Monday, May 27, 2013

Dragonflies in the Garden!

Flea Market Gardening recently did an article on how to make some Dragonfly Decorations for your garden.
I was very excited and pleased that they asked to use my photo at the end of the article for inspiration!

Here are some of their readers ideas:

Fan blades and spindles were put to good use

Love the detail in the brackets on this one

These bring out the farm girl in me
Love that barbed wire!

This is so darn cute!
Wish I could figure how to make one like it.
I bet when the sun hits it it's glorious!

This Dragonfly Chime I made many, many moons ago with some left over beads, wire and some old flatware. I belonged to a crafting group back then and we had monthly projects. The original pattern was for a Butterfly...somehow mine turned into a dragonfly...hmm, wonder how that happened?  


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