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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Grand Opening!

 Been a bit busy the last week or so helping a friend set up her new Antiques, Vintage, Candy and more shop.
She will be including recycled and reused furniture pieces;
as well as local artist featuring their works.
Not sure if I've been helping her more
or just getting in her way! LOL
It's kept my mind busy though and that is good.
The Grand Opening was Friday, Nov. 2, from ^pm-9pm.
She had a local singer outside singing and cookies and refreshments inside in the classroom room. Yes, she will be having some classes too. So happy this has all come together for her.
It was pretty crowded when we were there,
 so hoping she had some good sales.
Believe me I could have stayed in there longer and spent a lot of money I don't have! So much eye candy! You know the shop, the one your kids have to drag you out of as you're saying "but I haven't seen everything yet!" LOL

I did get a few pics during the set up week. ;)



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