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Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Has Arrived

I'm joining:
Retro Re-pin Party

Yes, yes, I'm behind :(
What's new these days ~ behind is my middle name lately!

Yes, I finally got my Spring decorations down and replaced them with some more appropriate time of the year decor.
I started at the front door and added Dollar Store Sunflowers
and vines to a wall basket.
The bow finishes it off.

 I clustered the small Pumpkins I made together in the entryway.
I like how the reflect in the mirrors

Removing Spring decor from my conservatory,
and added a couple Dollar Store Crows (Love those Crows!!)

Along the pass through I have a dresser scarf made by my middle son while in Kindergarten. I keep it covered in glass and keep it out year round...it's just too pretty to only enjoy once a year.
I've placed a few ceramic Pumpkins (yes, from the good ol'Dollar Store) along the top which makes for a very Autumnal scene :)  

My Caramel Apples made it into the kitchen and onto the table

I love this next little vignette.
A photo of my great Grandparents always sits here with a candle.
New lovely Fall smelling candles weren't in the budget this year,
so I improvised.
I searched and found an image on the computer of Fall leaves that I liked and printed it out.
Found an ugly candle in my Treasure Pile
and covered it with the leaf images.
Placed it on a candle plate and added a stick? Pumpkin and faux Fall leaves.
Yup, both from the Dollar Store ;)

All items from the Dollar Store were bought a few years ago.
The Apples and Pumpkins I made.
Money spent on Fall decorations....zip, zilch, nada
 *big smile*



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