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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Birthdays and Mother's Day Celebration!

I'm hoping all of you Moms out there in blogland had an awesome weeknd because you all deserve it! We kind of celebrated Mother's Day, my youngest's and my birthday here and there making it a 5 day celebration! C opened his gifts on his birthday and was pleased...just look at that smile

He blew out his candles.....all 21 of them!

Then we hit the hooch! Hey he's legal now...good excuse to get our partay on!

 I received these awesome Dragonflys from my 3 younger kiddos.

How cool is this?
Of course, they went up right away!

A whole flock of Dragonflys ♥♥♥
I'm in l♥ve.

On Friday we went to Baskin and Robbins to get our free birthday scoop of ice cream. What a treat!

Saturday we went to B&T's to celebrate Mother's Day with her Mom and family and friends. C and I received more birthday gifts and cards too!

C received a bottle of Sailor Jerry Rum from B&T.
I adore the label!!!
But can't wait for him to crack it open ;)

For my birthday B&T gave me a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream...my absolute FAVE!!!

Yes, I have already opened mine ;)

For Mother's day I received this gorgeous Tree Rose from B&T

It also came with the amazing solar mosaic bulb you see on the right.
At night it glows different colors, from blue to red, to green to purple, simply amazing.

And when the sun hits the glass mosiac pieces just right it gives off a kind of "rainbow effect", totally cool!

Love the colors

They even included a bag of soil should I decide to plant it in the ground...those two think of everything!

We all had a great time and enjoyed a delish meal of BBQ Pork, Hot Dogs,
assorted salads and the most amazing Beans brought by a friend.

It was topped off with a birthday cake for C and I.
It had such a cute beach theme, I wish I would have thought to take a photo of it. T's mom also made a fantastic Strawberry Shortcake with homemade whipped cream...man oh man, I had forgotten how good the homemade tastes. I hadn't had homemade in many, many years. My Mom used to make it for desserts all the time. Now I'm craving it! 

On Sunday M presented me with this darling flower she made. She said now I will always have a flower on my desk. The sweetest daughter. I love it!

Then for dinner the three pitched in and bought McDonalds.
MMM love their Big Macs.

All in all it was a fantasticly fun time,
just what we needed to forget all the other crap that's going on in our lives.....


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