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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cottage What-Nots

I'm joining the Surprise Esty Cottage Style What-Not party!
Pop over and see everyone's what-nots, doo dads, collections and tzotchkes! 

A friend recently presented me with a few old soda crates.
I knew I wanted to use them for some types of shelves
but wasn't quite sure how or where.

I ended up mounting a couple above an open doorway
that leads to my vanity area.

The Seven-Up crate holds my collection of old postcards/cards from my Grandparents, Parents and other relatives.

This Pepsi crate holds odd and ends.
As you can see I'm not finished with it yet.

Someone painted this sweet blue floral (that I just love!)
on the inside of this Coca Cola crate.
I placed minimal nostalgic pieces in it as not to deter from the painting.

This one is from my parents and is marked Produce of Portugal.
It carries a special place in my heart.
A piece of my ancestry....
did it come from relatives,
did someone bring it back from a visit to Portugal with them,
where did it come from?
I found it as we were cleaning out Dad's shop.
I wish I knew it's story.
 It isn't completed yet either.
I'd like to hang a small photo/picture of Portugal in the center.
I need to go through my postcards and see if I have a picture postcard from Portugal....
that would be perfect.

On the left side of the photo you can see part of my collection of decorative birdhouses made from empty seed packets.

None of these are fancy what-nots, just a few that hold a special place in my heart.


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