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Monday, November 14, 2011

EDW ~ A Must See Event!

What, you've never heard of EDW?
Extreme Doggie Wrestling??

We have a match every time B&T visit with Lily.
It's a hoot and a half!!


The rules are explained...
Yeah, sure they're listening.

Katie is the ref...
but mostly just stays out of the way

Cyndar seems to be uninterested...
a ploy that has worked well in the past.
Katie just wants out of the middle.

hmm, I'll act like I've found a great smell...

Surprise attack!

Both back to their corners...

a little moonwalk will distract her...

not for long, Cyndar knows her tricks!

an undercut by Lily!

Lily's up and Cyndar gets control! 

Lilly throws a cross body maneuver but Cyndar counters

Lily goes for a torso flip

OOH!!!! an illegal move by Cyndar...raking the eyes!
Where's the ref??

Is Lily down for the count??

Lily turns the tides on the tuckered out Cyndar
and wins with a body press!

Don't worry Cyndar, there's always next time...

The Champ...

this round ;)


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