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Friday, August 19, 2011

In The Blink of An Eye!

Fall is upon us, the Seasons are changing...
The kiddos are back at School which only means
Halloween is right around the corner!

I've made my first decoration for the Fall Season
and added it to my Etsy Shop.
It sold within 2 hours!!

Delighted, excited and eager to make more!!!

Wanna see?
Well, I'm showing you anyway!
and my description too!

Primitive Witch Spell Book 

"Double double toil and trouble..."
Conjure up spells with this highly detailed Witch's Book of Spells!

Made from a grungy old book, it will delight all visitors come Halloween.
Faux antiqued leather cover embellished with stained cheesecloth and feathers.
The securing strap, made from an old watch band, has an attached chain for 'double locking'.
An old key hangs from braided jute secured with wire.

Inside you'll find diagrams, spells, 

and illustrations on the first few pages. 

Once past these the book it opens up to a center cavity holding 3 potion bottles,

Fur of Werewolf (cat hair), Graveyard Dust (dust),
and Vampire Fangs (handmade faux fangs).
Each bottle is wrapped with stained cheesecloth
and feathery yarn topped off with a cork.

Once the bottles are removed, the 'creature' is revealed...
through a small opening of the 'green door'
you can see the eyes of the unspeakable.
Don't dare open this door!

The back inside cover has more diagrams.

Several ways to display:
lay closed or open to pages,
open to potion bottle cavity (bottles in or out),
stays open while laying flat,
in an easel
or anyway you desire.


This entire book and potions are fake.
For your enjoyment and entertainment purposes only.
Inside creature door does not open.


Sometimes I am so terrible at my descriptions.
I tried really hard to make this one stand out
I think I did OK this time.

I am feverishly creating more Halloween decorations!



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