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Friday, August 5, 2011

Fresh Cut Friday!

I'm not sure where the time goes
but here we are for another Fresh Cut Friday

at Rose Vignettes!

These "Sweet Peas" popped up in my garden this year.
They make a sweet bouquet
I'm not sure where they came from.
Sweet Peas are a Spring/cool weather flower and all mine have died
back and gone to seed for the year. 

Our Summer heat is too much for them.
I guess the birds left me a gift or some of my seed morphed?
Can it do that?
I love the color and splotches on the petals.
Unfortunately these do not have the Sweet Peas scent.
They actually have no scent....
which is better than having a nasty one!

Be sure to pop over to Liz's and see everyone's flowers


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