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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Babysitting ♥♥

Brandon and Tanya are on their Honeymoon so we are babysitting their baby Lily.
She is the sweetest pup had has a ton of energy!
I guess it's been a while since we've had a young dog around so she is keeping us busy.
 She is doing really well co-existing with our cats, considering she loves to chase them

By the end of the first day she had learned she shouldn't be chasing them and
even shared her food with Baylee.

You think she would be afraid of cats.
When she was younger she was badly scratched in the eye by one
and lost sight in that eye.

But I guess it's just too darn fun!

But she's smart and learned pretty fast.

I think Baylee is saying "she ate all my food I need more".
Baylee has gotten to that age where she thinks everything is hers
and she is The Queen.

Melissa couldn't resist trying to put a hat on her.

Katie is saying "it's about time you dress someone else!"

Lily says "How cool am I?"
Katie replies
"You look ridiculous, I'm just glad it's not me this time!"

Rip 'em up and tear 'em out Party

Cyndar is happy with her duck

but Lily is eyeing it!

hmmm it's kinda soggy...

She decided to keep her Tweety

Cyndar has taken off the bow along with a wing


I think Lily is trying to show Cyndar how great her Tweety is

but Cyndar isn't falling for it!

Legs are flying!

Lily really wants to trade

Cyndar takes the bait but still has hers too! LOL

While Cyndar is working on Tweety, Lily snags Ducky!
Katie thinks these these two are crazy! 

Looks like Lily is now eyeing Tweety!
"The grass is always greener" ya know....

Cyndar isn't taking any chances...she won't let Tweety out of her mouth

Lily is such a sweet talker!

Whew! Nap time after fighting all the fowl

She loves to run and run and run and run.
Speed Racer zips through all my garden paths....
up and back and over and in circles and this way then that way.
Did I mention she likes to run!?

All that cardio makes one very thirsty

not sure she is used to things swimming in her watering hole yet tho....

She goes back home on Saturday.
We're going to miss her.

But she always comes with B&T when they visit,
so it'll be just a matter of time till we see her again.


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