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Thursday, April 21, 2011

City Wide Garage Sale

I'm joining:
VTT at Coloradolady

TTF at The Thrifty Groove
NTT at Coastal Charm

Betsy from My Salvaged Treasures gave me a heads up on Tracy's  City Wide Yard Sale that was held last Saturday.
There were 60 some sales registered on the east side!
No, I didn't make it to all of them, I pooped out!
But let me tell you, I went to about 20 or so,
 so my Garmin got a workout!!

We're on a tight budget here (like everyone else)
So I had my mind set that I wouldn't spend over $1.00 on any one item.
Yes girls it can be done!
I found quite a few Treasures thanks to Betsy.
Thanks so much Betsy!!

a box of vintage sewing items

cute green watering can (looks cute in the gazebo)
free pine cones (never pass anything free up!)

2 potholders .25 for both!
Some crocheted gloves and yes...
Mom was there with me.
An angel blowing a kiss...
for those of you who don't know/remember why
I collect anything blowing kisses check here
Yes, she has a broken wing, but I still love her ♥♥ 

a  box of vintage costume jewelry

this gorgeous cake plate with an etched cover
was $1.00! I must have beaten anyone and everything there.
So surprised it was still there when I showed up.

vintage books, an old scrabble game
 and that green fabric is a pretty tablecloth

a pretty plate tin,and some tissue paper

an old Singer button hole attachment with all the parts
an other tin with more vintage sewing items

2 rolls of wrapping paper

They are too pretty for gifts (LOL)

they will be turned into something, just not sure what yet.

one never opened

Yep, I'm a happy camper!!
Thanks again Betsy!!


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