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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

There's a Song in the Air

I'm joining:

Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie Time

Spring Cottage Garden Party over at Etsy Cottage Style

I have been waking up every morning with this
lovely Mockingbird serenading me ♥♥
I love him...or her.

It sits on top of my neighbors fruit tree

which is near by bedroom window.

The past few years it sat on the street light in front of our home

I wonder is it knows there is one less in the house?

All I know is it feels very comfortable there
and wakes me with a song that puts a smile on my face.

All my citrus are in full bloom
and they smell heavenly!




My Cecil Brunner Rose has been showing off.
The scent is spectacular when you walk into the gazebo!

Most of the Roses are budding out

These guys were all a chatter when I was outside.

I think they were happy that I removed all there Winter coverings

and did some Spring cleaning in their aviary

Guess Katie needs a drink ;)

It seems I find something new blooming everyday.
I love this time of year!


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