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Monday, March 21, 2011

I found Shoes! I found Shoes!!!

YAY! I found shoes for the wedding!!
*A big sign of relief*

I hadn't been seriously looking,
 just looking if I happen to be in a store with shoes.
But I decided it was getting pretty close and I better get
I popped into Payless Shoe source and lo and be hold there they were!!

I tried them on and they were comfy!! Yes, comfy!

And I could even walk in the heels!
Now remember I don't do dresses or heeled shoes...
at least not for many, many years!

They were meant to be.
 I had been perusing Etsy and ran across some fabric flower shoe clips.

I thought that depending on what style shoe I ended up with I may be able to buy some and clip them onto the shoes. See, how they are even similar.
Yes, they were meant to be♥

And it just happened it was the past day for BOGO.
So I got a purse for the wedding half off.

I was so pleased to have gotten those two things out of the way
and fairly easily.

Now, onto to undergarments.....oh joy....


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