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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where did November go?

I think I lost November....
I'm so behind with everything!
My oldest's birthday was the 10th
and I'm just now posting this! OY!

Well, better late than never ;)

So yes, my son's birthday was a few weeks ago.
We celebrated at John's Incredible Pizza.
We always have a great time there.

Besides the games they also have a few rides.

Like Bumper Cars

Melissa, Tracy, Brandon (birthday boy) and Tanya


Melissa, Brandon and Tracy

I think he's having a good time, huh?

Trying to catch these guys as they fly around is no easy task!

All done

Cody and TJ
Stick 'em up!

LOL that's it reach for the sky!

I was able to get them as the Twister ride ended...
not that I didn't try while they were spinning..

We all ate tooooo much..

(well, what do you expect when you have a pizza buffet
with all you can eat!!! LOL)

And had a great time ☺


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