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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here I am...Mouth Agape.....

I received an email notifying me of an Estate Sale
this weekend in Granite Bay near Sacramento.
It's a few hours away and too far to drive(for me anyway),
but thought I'd take a look at the pictures.
It said it was at an Arabian Ranch.
I thought that would be fun...

then I looked at the pictures.....


This couple not only has traveled the world over
 to decorate their "stately 7,500 sq. ft. French Chateau residence"
 "At it’s peak there were over 200 head,
and been the home to over 400 championship quality horses".

I watched the videos and
I swear he said some of the things came from the Vatican!

You must check out the link above,
their story is something you read about in a book.

Here are a few photos from the site.

This entrance is enough of a clue as to what's inside!

Can you see the vintage glass baby bottles
 under the table in the sterilizing holder?!

vintage Christmas Ornaments!

    If any of you live in that area be sure and check it out!
It would be so exciting just to walk through
and see all the treasure they have ♥♥


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