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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here are the Paper Towels!!

We celebrated Christmas with my oldest and his girlfriend a few days ago.
To accommodate schedules for everyone we usually have "several" Christmases.

My oldest gave me a most heartfelt gift.
A bundle of Paper Towels!

Now, any of you who watch Family Guy will understand this.
I had the best laugh I've had all year!

As daughters, wives, mothers, we women try our darnest to always provide the makings for the "Best Christmas Ever".
Some may not understand what it takes to put on the festivities.

 When Family Guy came out with it's Christmas Episode
it portrayed this to a tee and became my
"All Time Favorite Christmas Cartoon" to watch during the Holidays.

Here is the clip of when Lois loses it....

If you get the opportunity to see the entire episode, do!

Thanks to my loving son I didn't end up "losing it".
Thanks Brandon and Tanya!! I love you!

I want to wish everyone a Magical Memory Making Merry Christmas!
and Healthy New Year!


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