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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Heart Aches for you Cyndar

We found you on the back roads,
cars were swerving all around what I
 thought was a calf that had gotten out.
Upon approaching you,
 I realized you were a very frightened dog.
I pulled over, you came running to the car.
 I opened the back door, you climbed right in
and made yourself comfortable in the back seat.
You're your back legs had puncher wounds 
and you were thin as a rail.
A collar but no tags.
We took you to our vet where you were given
 the medical care you needed so badly.
You had been chipped but no one had bothered to register it.
Our vet traced the chip back to the vet who installed it.
He had only seen the owner that one time, but gave his info.
The phone number had been disconnected.

You became ours.
Our couch potato.
That was a short 8 years ago.
You loved paper plates,
with whatever was left on them ~ 
and straws ~
 thinking if you had one you should get a drink too!
and yogurt containers with whatever remnants were left inside.
How your got your big tongue inside the
yogurt cups are beyond me! 
You filled our hearts with your sweet demeanor
and so much love.
You were definitely a Gentle Giant.
Except when it came to the raccoons.
You gave them hell and
payed for it with bites and tears all over.
You were so brave. My hero.
Large breeds don't live as long as smaller ones.
You've had issues with your back and heart.
I was aware that large breeds were prone to bloat.
I promised myself that would not happen to you.
Unfortunately, I let you down.

Last night we had to make a difficult decision.
Our beloved Cyndar was put to rest do to bloat.
My bed was empty last night.
Katie and I missed you terribly.
She doesn't know what to do with herself,
neither do I for that matter.
Yes, you took up a lot of room but now,
the house feels so empty and big and lonely.
I will miss you twirling in the living room when I arrive home,
you kicking me in the middle of the night while dreaming,
you snuggling up with me in bed
but most of all I will miss your hugs.
You are now pain free to cross over the Rainbow bridge.
Toby, Baylee and even Angel will be waiting for you.
Run pain free like a pup and
 let the others now they have never been or ever will
be forgotten and that I love them all dearly.
I will always love and miss
you terribly my sweet Gentle Giant.


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