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Monday, July 9, 2012

Blog Hop and Memory Box Tutorial

Memory box, trinket, box, jewelry box, treasure box, whatever you want to call it, is as easy to make as it is useful.

You can recycle whatever you have on hand 
to make this elegant little keepsake.
A cigar box, empty tin, anything with a bottom and top.

This is also a great project to keep the kiddos busy during Summer break.
Several could be made for each special place they visit or vacation.

The fun part is deciding a theme and  collecting trinkets to glue on the lid.
Maybe shells from a trip to the beach,
broken jewelry,
Cracker Jack prizes,
any of the small items you've been saving for "something"...

Glue on lid in a pleasing pattern.
If you have a container with a hinged lid,
 you can add a length of ribbon to the inside front of the lid and bottom
for tying closed.
You can line your container, if you like, with fabric or paper
or leave unlined. 

When you are all done with your embellishing, allow to dry overnight.
Choose gold, silver or any desired color spray paint
 and spray several light coats until all is covered.
Let dry thoroughly.

Stand back and admire your beautiful Treasure Chest ♥♥ 

Box with hinged lid.

Empty candy tin


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