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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Grinn' and a Pickin'....

This week I'm joining these fun parties:

Cottage Flora Thursdays over at Fishtail Cottage

Fertilizer Friday over at Tootsie Time

Yep, I was a pickin' and a Grinnin' as I picked my first pickin's of the Season!
My Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato didn't let me down, I snagged a large handful.
Early Girl's Tomatoes were a little deformed and sun scorched..but considering the crazy weather....well...

Lots of Cherry Plums were to be had and I made sure I passed on some to my mail carrier. He's always here picking up packages and it's just my way of saying "Thank you for all you do".

My Dad did the same thing with his carrier. Dad had a huge veggie garden and kept him supplied. In fact, when he was interviewed by the local paper just before retiring he was asked what he would miss most about the job...he said Andy Avila's vegetables! LOL 

And of course, there was Zucchini I hadn't noticed so it was huge!
But there was a nice smaller one for dinner too ♥♥

The large one will make a great Z'Apple Pie!

I'm not sure where that Sweet Pea came from.....maybe it mutated? We're having temps in the 100's and all my other annual Sweet Peas have died and dried up. This one is still going strong. It has no scent though, disappointing for sure. The flowers are a tad different, a bit of a curliness to them.
But they are a very pretty pink

I also picked some Figs but ate them before I could get a pic...my bad ;)

After I finished picking I went out front to see what was blooming.

But then I realized how it was filling in.
I stood back and looked at just how much the front garden
has grown in the last few years since it was born
by removing all my front lawn.

Here are some before, during, and after photos...

It still has a ways to go to get it where I want it.
But it all comes with time.
My kids and I are just happy there's no more lawn!
This is much easier maintenance and requires much less water.
All good in my book!


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