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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flaunt Your Flower Friday!!

I'm joining:

Cottage Flora Thursdays over at Fishtail Cottage


 Fertilizer Friday over at Tootsie Time

This is the time of year all us Gardeners love.
Everything is sprouting, blooming and just plain growing!
We start to see our fruition pay off.

And the air.....
the air smells heavenly,
the air sounds heavenly,
all is right with the world when you are in your Spring garden.

I took time to take walks through my gardens...
it was heavenly.

My front gardens:

There used to be a "peace" climbing rose along with this red climber
on the arbor. Seems maybe the red one has squeezed it out.


Pinks, Columbine and a Geranium

(yes from my parents yard)

Lavender with scented Geranium in the background

Scented Geranium

My front Cherry Tree

Under the arbor

Now for the backyard:

My rescued Nectarine

a Baby Bush Rose from my Mother's garden
with "Cecil Brunner" in the background.
White Alyssum in the foreground.

Another Rose from Mom,
Purple Potato Bush in the background
with Forget-me-nots in the foreground

Blooming variegated Mock Orange 

Fig Tree

More Iris


yep, another Rose from Mom

Cherry Plums

Backyard Cherry Tree
this one isn't a good producer but it makes for a great shade tree

Baby Rose

a Rose from Mom's Garden
(now you know what I mean when I say 75% of
my plants came from my parents home).
 Dad loved starting new plants.

I think this may be "Peace"

Lady Banks
(I bought this one!!)


Hope you enjoyed your little tour.
Now hop over to Tootsie Time
and check out everyone else's gardens!
Have a great weekend!


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