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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

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A walk through my garden revealed "food" in the making ;)
Baby Cherry Plums, Grapes, Strawberries, Figs.
Flowers on the Apple
and Swiss Chard ready to be picked!  


I was in the mood last month to make
some Paper Bag Albums/Scrapbooks.
They're pretty easy to  make and tons of fun!

You'll need:

 4 brown lunch size paper bags,
or more depending on the size you want to make

all your embellishing goodies
this can include anything and everything ☺

Lay the paper bags on top of each other
 reveresing each one opposite of the other
 and fold in half

Next punch 3-5 holes for your binding area

I like to use a nail (a very technical tool) LOL 
to keep them aligned when needed

I also like to staple the sides of the folded bottom.

It gives it a little more stability,
cuts down on the amount of give of the folds.
But it's not necessary.
Try to remember to do this before
covering the page with your background paper.
If you don't, no worries just embellish over the staples.

If you want a deeper pocket
(let's face it, who doesn't? ;))
just trim a tiny strip off.

You'll be left with two pockets,
one shallow and one deep.
The naturally open ends of the bags make a
great place for keepsakes, notes, tags e

Now the fun begins.....
You need to cover the brown paper.
Use papers, fabrics or whatever.
There are NO RULES.
Do what ever your heart desires.

Cover the area that you want to cover with glue,
mod podge, etc.

Flip it over onto the wrong side of your covering
and press down hard all over.
Now you can measure and cut to fit or do it this way,
whichever is most easiest for you.

Turn it over and trim any extra

There ya go!

Now you can cover two pages at once or each page individually.

I've done it both ways and each is just as easy.
Or if you want some of the brown paper showing
just cover part or even none!

If you hold the pages up to the light
 you can see where you need to punch your holes
through the "covering" papers


Ready Set Embellish!

You can layer papers....

and more papers


trims, found objects, beads, buttons... whatever

In order to bind the pages together, you can use yarn, string, raffia,
binder rings, strips of fabris,
anything that will be able to keep the book together.

I stuff these with lots of goodies, but there is always room for more.
I add a ribbon to the front and back.
I usually find something to add where the ribbon's attached to
 help keep it more secure. I like to you my hot glue for this.
The ribbon can be tied and it adjusts to the volume of the book
while keeping the contents secure.
Sorry I forgot to take picture while doing this.

Here are the ones I made last month.
A Vintage Garden

Lots of vintage papers...

and old embellishments.

Cottage Garden Treasures

Lots of florals....

pockets and fun trims... 

with room for jotting garden notes.

Garden Fairies

Some stories...

Fairy catching info...

even a recipe.

Some I've made in the past:

I started on a series of vintage "Cookbooks"
vol. 1

Stuck in lots of tags, old pamphets....

old recipes....

embellished with old buttons, rick rack.......

even included an attached yarn bookmark
with XO beads on the end

lots to go through!

Vol. 2
I used an old apron to cover the front of this one.
The person who purchased this, 
gave it to her Mother for Christmas.

Included in the pocket were things
Grandma may have had in there
*note the date on the letter...1917

tons of tags and old recipes

even and old order blank from the dairy

"New Perfection Cook Stove"!

more treasure packed inside

We have a friend that instead of exchanging gifts
at Christmas we exchange pictures from that year.
This one I made into a photo Album/Scrapbook
for her.

See you can use just about anything....

paper pieces....

farmer handkerchieves....

tidbits of lace, trim...

an old tea towel.....

stamp if you'd like....

can't say no to dried rose petals...

Well, I hope that gave you enough inspiration to try one for yourself.
If not, the ones I made last month 
will be in my store by the end of the week. ☺


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