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Thursday, February 18, 2010

We're at The End, Let's Hit the Bar!

We have reached the end
of our visit to The Merced Ag Museum,
The Bar!

Remember these?

A few familiar faces ;)

Lots of old signs...

and everything else!
The "tin roof" boasts a variety of hats,
and there's Charlie, behind the bar!

A charcoal drawing of Frank Sinatra..

Charlie tells us about the old gas pump

Just about every inch is covered with something special
that evokes memories.

Tables to sit at too!

Another Paul Bunyan coffee pot..
not sure if guns are a good thing to have in a bar?

They have get togethers here,
different groups meet also.

ohh, look at that lamp!

way, cool!

Love the lines!

no comment....

Photo of Charlie and family.

Cool Westinghouse Refrigerator!

What a display of vintage Buttons.

And that my friends, concludes the

It was such a fun experience,
we saw more than we ever imagined.
I know this have been a long tour,
but all my photos just touch the tip of the iceberg
of what there is to see.

I think more than one visit is needed
to actually "see" everything.

This is definately worth checking out
if ever in the area. 
Thanks for comming along! ☺ 


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