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Friday, November 13, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane.......

Wednesday we took middle son to the San Francisco Airport to catch a flight to Pennsylvania to see his girlfriend.
What an experience.
It's been 15 yrs since I have even been to an airport...my how thungs have changed. We can thank 911 for that.
TJ was 5 the last time he fly commercialy...he'll be 22 the end of December.
So basically this is was his first time, especialy alone.
But he made it there safely, which is all that matters.

Here's just a few pics of him trying to get thru security.

Ok Maybe I was more nervous than he....
look at those blurry pics!

ooohh, great shot of my daughter in the glass ;~)

da da da da boom shi
You bascialy have to strip!

Finally made it after setting the alarms off 3 times!! LOL
When they say everything out of your pockets they mean it!

After he was off we (my other 3 and oldest's girlfriend) decided to take advantage of being in "The City".

We headed to Chinatown, which will come next time.
In the meantime I want to leave you with this.

Aren't they just gorgeous!
I haven't had time to get out & check my garden for blooms, so I thought I'd share these from Chinatown.
They were outside a little shop and I couldn't resist.

I'm joining Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie Time

Be sure to check out everyone's blooms this week!


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