Dragonfly Treasure: Buyers Uses of My Products
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Buyers Uses of My Products

"Blue Skies'' Rag Garland
Purchased by Annie Hamilton
 ''Beautiful item, perfect to separate room 
while maintaining open flow. 
Quick shipping, excellent quality, thank you!''

Beautiful Annie!

300 Original Vintage Children's Book Pages
Purchased by Eden Buntin
''Wonderful interactions. Worked well to get me more for a better price. Was fast, polite and the package arrived and was so nicely packed with a sweet hand-written note. I will always support small business and recycling and this shop is the exact reason why. Thanks!!!!''

Drinking Cups

Party Decor

Party Decorations

Party Garlands

Snack Holders

Very creative Eden! 

"Down on the Farm" 23 ft. Rag Garland Curtain
for Classroom 
Purchased by Kasie Murff
I absolutely loved purchasing from Deb! She is the sweetest Etsy seller I've ever purchased from. She is incredibly fast in communication, and she made sure she had the same vision as I did before starting my project. The whole process was very fast including shipping. It looks even better in person! I cannot say enough good things about this seller! Simply amazing! ❤️

So anxious to see it up in your classroom Kasie!
And here it is in all it's glory!
Amazing job, beautiful classroom!

So warm and inviting :)
Lucky students ♥

3 Feverfew Plants
Purchased by lorrainegr
Got my feverfew about 2 hours ago and quit working to come out and play! I'm so thrilled....one down, two to go. The packaging was sure and time in transit was short. I will most assuredly do more confident shopping at ds dreams. Such a wonderful experience

Looking good!

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