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Friday, October 27, 2017

Freddie the Fire Engine Knitted Toy Pattern

Remember you can click on pics to enlarge :)

Monday, October 23, 2017

Shooting and a Winning! ~ WW

It's that time of year again to visit Fantozzi Farms 
Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch.

There's tons of activities to do there but shooting (anything)
is our preference 

Shooting and winning pumpkins!

Happy Halloween!

Grandma's Crocheted Laces Window Curtain

For sometime now I have wanted to make myself a rag curtain for my main window in my bed/craft room. By sometime I mean, oh maybe, 6 years...  :/ 

Yes, another project of mine that has been simmering on the back burner. They sit there for so long you'd think they'd be burnt out!

But no, not this one, especially not this one.

I have lots of crocheted lace pieces ~ delicate ones, heavy ones, thin ones, fat curly ones...many, many different styles that my Grandmother made. They were found here and there while cleaning out our farm.  I didn't want to use them permanently on anything afraid I'd ruin them.

Then a thought came to mind.
It does happen once in a while ;)

My rag curtain!
It would be sheer enough to let the morning sun in (love waking up to the sun!) and they wouldn't be sewn or cut up. I had hated the thought of them just sitting in a drawer, their beauty not being seen.

In the process of gathering all the pieces up I came across a very worn, apron that had some rips in it. It was darling, had a sweet pocket on each side. I couldn't bare to toss it, so I decided to rip it into strips to work in with the laces.


So many different styles ~ makes me curious what she was making them for.

Creams, beige, off whites, whites ~ my perfect colors!
Went to town and before I knew it had it done.

I also came across a "front neckline piece"?
It was a half round with a tassel hanging from the center.
Unsure of what it was suppose to be, I placed it on the top center of my curtain once it was hung. Such detailed fine work went into this piece, it's so pretty.

I added battery operated timed fairy lights for nighttime.
I love how they come on and go off all by themselves.

I love all the different lengths of the laces,
the different textures ~ and I can still see out to my back gardens through them.

You can tell I was in a hurry when I put the lights up.
Hey, I was excited! 
I need to take them down and place in a more pleasing manor.
But for now that is on the back burner...let's just hope it won't take another 6 years!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Toons for Seniors ~ WW

My Iron Is Ruined!

I had decided to take all my linens and laces down
 for an early Spring Cleaning. 
Including all my curtains too.

Washed them in my special linen wash in which they came out smelling wonderfully fresh and clean.
Next was my least favorite chore in the whole wide world  :/

I R O N I N I N G  ! ! 



I went and grabbed my iron.
Walked down the hall into the kitchen,
telling myself the whole way....... 

"this won't be so bad,
just think how gorgeous they will look when they are done!
No more dust,
no more pet hair,
just nice clean dresser scarves and doilies and linens and curtains



WHAT HAPPENED TO MY IRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

There was gunk all over the bottom...
stuck on dried gunk!
Where did it come from?
And what was it?

How could I iron my nice clean linens and pretties with this ugly dirty thing?  I tried wiping it off with my hand, nope, it was stuck.
Don't ask me what it is, I already admitted I hate to iron - which translates to maybe I do it once a year? 
No one else in this house even knows what an iron is..... 
so I guess that means...... I did this to it?

How was I going to iron all my nice clean
 wrinkled linens?

I scrubbed with a scrubber I had, nothing happened...
I started looking all over the computer for ways to clean it.
My iron had never looked like this before so I had no idea what to do and was afraid I'd ruin it if I really went at it. 

Several suggestions called for salt, baking soda, nail polish remover, even toothpaste!
All I could imagine was the salt getting stuck in the holes - same with the toothpaste!

Then I came across a suggestion calling for a dryer sheet.
This sounded a little far fetched but a lot less messy than the others, so I gave it a try.

I couldn't believe it, it was actually working! 

The iron was hot so I wore one of those pot holder rubber gloves
and rubbed back and forth

all over my iron until it was all cleaned off.

I did go through several dryer sheets
and it did melt them together somewhat.
But look at that shine!

Yay? I cleaned it!  ?

I ironed a scrap of fabric first to be sure it 
didn't leave any residue behind.
My iron ironed perfectly ♥

On to my basket of linens, laces and curtains......



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