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Monday, December 5, 2016

1st Christmas Ornament!


I wanted to make Brandon a First Christmas Ornament 
like I did Izabelle.
Hers was just last year and I couldn't remember how I did it!
Thank goodness I took a photo of it! 
You can see that post here.

I gathered supplies and got busy.

I picked a wooden Snowflake from my stash 

and gave it 2 coats of Robin's Egg Blue by Glidden

Once dry I attached a Dollar Tree Snowflake

 I took a strip of blue crepe paper and folded it accordion style, 
then connected both ends to make a round ruffled circle. 

 I brushed glue around the edges 

and added blue glitter.
Gotta have sparkle!

I glued it to the top and let everything sit and dry thoroughly.
In the mean time I found a smaller Snowflake and covered it in silver glitter, setting it to the side for it to dry well also. 

When all was dry I added the small silver as the last Snowflake.
Found font I liked, sized it, and printed it out.
Cut "V" shapes in each end to resemble a banner 
and glued it to the top.
I embellished each "V" in the banner with a blue flat back stone.
I tied a bow with festive ribbon to add to the top.
Added the hook and c'est fini!

Izzy's from last year

Brandon's I did this year

Similar but not exactly the same,perfect!


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