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Friday, October 10, 2014

Tony's Pizzeria Style Pizza YUM!

We received coupons from BzzAgent to try the new TONY’S® Pizzeria Style Pizza. Pizza is pretty much a staple in this house so we were more than delighted to give it a whirl. We even received a button!

I can't remember if I've had TONY’S® in the past, but TONY’S® Pizza turned out to be a delicious, quick, and affordable dinner that the whole family loved!

We chose the Cheese to try out. From the wonderful smell during cooking, to the perfectly melted and browned cheese, to the deliciously crisp crust...well, it was perfectly delicious!

I would have liked to take a photo when I took it out of the oven, but the vultures attacked!

This new TONY’S® Pizzeria Style Pizza really has an authentic flavor, most likely due to the flavorful sauce made from real tomatoes and topped with real cheese. The crust is top shelf with the perfect texture and crunch in every bite.

MY ONLY compliant is I wish they were a larger size! It was pretty much devoured immediately! I would have liked to have more :)

Bottom line is a big thumbs up for the new TONY’S® Pizzeria Style Pizza, a tasty pizza at a great value!

Loved pizza night with TONY’S® Pizzeria Style Pizza and will be buying more!

Disclosure: The information, coupons were provided free by TONY’S® Pizzeria Style Pizza through BzzAgent. #GotitFree #

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