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Friday, February 7, 2014

A Long Over Do Introduction

A NEW Family Member....
C finished his 2nd part of his 2nd Nuclear Stress Test a few weeks ago. (It turned out something minor, whew!). 
 Afterwards we stopped at Stanislaus County Animal Shelter just to look...been stopping off and on at local shelters for the past few weeks. C has been looking for a pal and waiting for that magical connection which he found today. .

 She's a mellow 3 yr old Staffordshire mix and is getting along well with Katie and Bella and so far the cats too. She is a little too interested in Tilly, so Tilly will have to stay in her cage for awhile.

She was all Cody's decision, but I screamed inside when he decided on her! She reminds me so much of Cyndar, who I still miss terribly. Yes, I know it's because she is brindle like Cyndar, but some of her personality is similar too.
Cody named her Kagura.
She and Bella have become pals too.
She weighed in at 44 pounds at our Vet's office.
Just right.

She has fit in well with our watch dog team.
Katie - 12 lbs.
Bella - 22 lbs.
Kagura -44 lbs. 
Bella keeping M company while icing her sprained ankle.


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