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Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Made A New Friend Today

As I went out this morning to hang some laundry on the line
there was a red Dragonfly perched on a clothes pin waiting for me. 
I ran and got my camera, of course!
He was still waiting for me when I got back.
He let me get really close so I could get some great photos.
He isn't as big as ''Big Red'' who hung out in my garden 
during the Summer a few years ago.
But he is just as pretty
''Little Red'' has beautiful wings

He even posed for me!

Whenever I head out with some laundry he comes
and hangs out with me while I hang it out. 
So friendly.
I've thought maybe he likes the wet laundry,
but I have yet to see him land on the clothes.
Or maybe it's waiting for the mosquitoes that
make a bee line for me when I head outside?
Who knows, it doesn't matter what his motive is.
All I know is it is awesome that he isn't afraid of me
 and it's nice to have a visiting buddy when I'm doing chores.



  1. Gorgeous dragonfly, I love the color. Great shots!

  2. That is interesting - who knows his motive - but it is fun that you get to see him so frequently.


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