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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Playing Catch up....

Once again it seems I've been MIA for a bit....
I was lucky enough to catch a head cold or something that affected my voice, meaning I haven't had one since the day after Mother's Day!  No we didn't do any whooping or hollering, if we had at least I'd have a reason why.
We went over to B&T's for a wonderful
 BBQ for Mother's Day/C&I's Birthday.
C had spent the prior week with them so it was good to see him.
More Birthday/Mother's Day surprises were waiting.
 Love the colors!
 Beautiful Anthurium
 Such pretty jewel tones
 some candy! My fave Turtles ;)
 Tanya made this gorgeous Dragonfly.
I have it having in the Living Room window
and when the sun comes through...it's breathtaking!
A box full of stamps and even an embossing gun! 
We took our newest addition with us.
 Yes, we adopted this cutie named Bella from the shelter.
She is 3 yrs old and was house trained...always a big plus :)
After introducing Katie to others, Katie picked Bella .
Katie can be pretty picky when it comes to siblings,
but she and Bella got along just fine....
A few days later B&T went to the shelter and found Chewie!
I now have a Grandson Furbaby!
He's 10 months old and a Chow Lab mix.
Very calm for still being a puppy
and what a sweet ball of fur! 
B&T came up this weekend so we could meet him.
His sister's Carly and Lily are enjoying him immensely.
Was wishing I was feeling better.
Seems I have slept the week and
weekend away - very frustrating.
Yeah, I try to talk a little squeaks come out.
Wouldn't you know I've had tons of business phone calls
to make last week and this week. Last week no one could understand me. Hoping they can this week!!
Better photos of Bella to come, along with our adventures with her....Yes, there were adventures the second and third day of being  home with this little Houdini!! 


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