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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Gazebo

The gazebo has grown pretty well...err I should say the plants surrounding it.
These first few photos were taken from the inside.
Honeysuckle covers the top and smells divine when in bloom.
My bedroom window is close enough so the scent can waft in.
This side faces the house.

Remember the window I hung a few years back?
Here it is :)
Along with a wooden and rope chaise lounge my Great Uncle Andrew made for my Grandmother. It has hung in there pretty good over the years, but is starting to have a few issues. I replaced the rope last year.
This side faces the fence between our new neighbor.
I have my collection of old ladders lining the fence...
basically to hold the fence up from the damage past neighbors dogs have done to it. Lilacs are planted between each ladder.

Another view. This one facing the fence to our back neighbors.
Large picking ladders line this side.
Sweet peas climb them on the left and any veggies I plant go to the right.
This year I have Potatoes and Zucchini coming up so far.

A Japanese Maple and Hydrangeas hang out inside

Honeysuckle on the outside.
 Garlic Chives and Red Sweet Peas reseeded themselves over here.
These 2 Petunias are the ones I forgot to pull up and toss last Fall.
This Spring they both had new shoots that emerged from the base!
It's an Annual isn't it?
When it died back it should have been dead dead, right?

I'm happy it's happy! :)

Orange Tree covered in sweet smelling blossoms.

The last Lilac blooming :(

Wishing all a wonderful gardening weekend!


I just received some upsetting news regarding Carla Jane, B&T's new pup that I posted about a few days ago.  She was taken in to their vet for a check up and vaccines and has been diagnosed with Parvo. Luckily my dogs are current on their vaccines. I bleached the area she pottyed in as my vet suggested. But any area she was in has been compromised. They aren't sure what they are going to do yet, B is out of town on business, so that makes the decision even harder. The two choices given are put her down or go through a very costly treatment, which I'm not sure will guarantee her survival.

I'm using this as an important message to remind everyone to keep all vaccines for your pets up to date.


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