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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Simply Amazing! Great Blue Heron LIVE Nest Cam

Received this and just had to share!!


For the fourth year, Great Blue Herons have claimed the nest in a huge dead tree in Sapsucker Woods Pond

Cornell Lab eNews Flash

Great Blue Herons Join Our LIVE Nest Cam Roster

The Great Blue Herons have nested in this massvie white oak snag for the last four years. We can see the nest from our staff lounge, and in years past we've enjoyed guessing when the eggs would hatch, watching for the day the chicks' little beaks first appear over the nest rim, and following them as they grow to four-foot tall adolescents. This year you'll be able to watch their progress from virtually inside the nest.

The herons returned to the nest in mid-March and soon began courting: bringing twigs, standing side by side in the nest, clattering their bills, and nipping at each other. To get good views of these large birds, we've installed two cameras that stream simultaneously ,one from above the nest and the other at nest level. The lower camera can record even in dark conditions and streams all night long.

Last night at around 7:30 p.m., the heron laid her first egg! Tune in to keep watching for the next eggs. Great Blue Herons typically lay eggs every two days, sometimes three, until the clutch is complete. After that it will be 25–30 days before the chicks hatch, and they will spend another 7–8 weeks in the nest before they fledge. We hope you'll join us as we watch this all unfold!

The site will be live 24 hours a day and the upper camera's video can be streamed in HD. You can also watch on mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads. A full-featured BirdCams site will launch in late April with more birds. 

We've enjoyed having these herons outside our windows in years past, and we hope you enjoy them too!


  1. Thanks for that link.....Ithaca is my home town and those woods are pretty amazing!!! hugs...cleo

  2. Thank you so much for the link. The eagle one - the babies just hatched. sandie

  3. I love herons - they are the coolest...


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