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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is it Fall, Winter, or Spring ?

I'm joining in these blooming garden parties:

Etsy Cottage Style

 Tootsie Time 

We have had such a mild and dry Winter this year it's scary.
In the 70's, lots of wind, with little rain leaves it feeling more
like Fall than Winter.
My gardens are also so confused.

Daffodils and

Narcissus are blooming all over.

We had this nice crop of Swiss Chard for dinner already ;)

The Rosemary in front is covered on blooms
and those 2 little purple flowers to the right are Stocks!

 The Poor Man's Orchid /Bergenia are in full bloom too.

Katie and I sat by the pond for a spell and just enjoyed the "Spring" weather.

The Koi noticed us and started coming up

Ah, I know what they want...food!

This has popped up in the front garden.
I don't remember what I've planted out there....I know I'm bad.
BUT isn't it pretty!

There are white and purple ones grouped together.
They remind me of Lenten Roses but I don't think that's what they are.
But who knows?

I wish this photo wasn't so blurry,
 but I wanted to show you this white and purple two toned one.

My Nectarine is starting to bud out...

and LOOK at this..can it be??
two of my dead Petunia's are sprouting up!
I pulled out all my others and forgot these......
darn! I should have left the others.
Well, it just goes to show you how mild our Winter has been.

Wild Rose hips

My childhood fave from Mom's garden...and part of the same plant...
Oxalis is loving this weather!
We called it Sour Grass and used to pluck and suck on the stems.

The Sun just disappeared and the sky turned from a beautiful blue to gray.
Think we'll get some much needed wet stuff??

:( We didn't.
Just a 15 minute drizzle :(


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