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Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Kind of Treasure!

Finally I found a few sales that were at the right prices!
Seems like the prices have gone up at garage sales lately...
some are just ridiculous!

But check these finds out...

Each was 10 cents!
The last thing I need are ornaments, let alone 8 boxes of them. 
But at that price I couldn't leave them there!
( I do have plans for them tho)
The Last Case Scenario is one of my daughter's favorite games.
When we saw this almost new sequel it was grabbed immediately.
The bingo game pieces are great for any kind of project. 

Another sale had these for 50 cents each...a little much
but they screamed "Take me Take me"!
The small sifter will be made into a nest,
I can always use clothes pins, and the
honeycomb Pink Rose decoration by Hallmark was just too cute!
There is tinsel inside the garland box and
a "snow blanket" and vintage Angel Hair inside the bag.

The last sale we stopped at had some good finds too.
A pretty queen sheet and 2 like new just as pretty washcloths.
2 old children's books and and old ink bottle.
(I see projects in the near future for these)
Like new pair of socks for my daughter and....
a mix of plastic and glass crystals!
(These I'm collecting for a chandelier I will be revamping soon)
Each was 10 cents!

Gorgeous aren't they?!

And check these out!
I'm so stoked about these frames...yep 10 cents each.
Look at the size of the large round one! WOW!
Thinking about keeping it for myself.
One will be transformed into a Christmas gift...shh ;)
I can always use a foam wreath base and the Snowflakes...
I love Snowflakes as some of you know!

For a little over $5 I got a nice bundle of Treasure!



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