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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thank you Heidi and Jody !!!!

I was so surprised to find out I
won the Arcady Artisan Fragrances  
giveaway at Mom's Crafty Space!!

I had sent Heidi my information and forgot all about it.
I was surprised again when it showed up in the mail!!

Invincible is the fragrance I won and
it came in such a sweet box.
Right away I loved the little blue bow and
the hexagon shape of the bottle.

 I opened the bottle...
a heavenly aroma filled my senses.

This is how Jody describes it in her Etsy Store: 

"Third in the Literati collection, this startlingly fresh unisex fragrance is inspired by Albert Camus, who famously wrote:

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

Taking it’s cue from this, Invincible breezes into being with a fresh invigorating impression of spring-time beaches; with pure, direct notes of sea salt, peach and sandalwood, which describe sand dunes and clean ocean air. Equally wearable for both men and women, this is a uniquely freeing scent, which refuses to be pinned down by tradition. Inspire your own rebellion!

-- Reminds me of --

Sitting on the beach in spring, with early morning bird-song and a gentle breeze stirring the air."

Al I know is it makes me feel oh sooo feminine ♥ 

As you can see from the above ticker The Wedding is just about here.
Thanks to Heidi and Jody I have a new fragrance to wear!!

I am Invincible!!!

Thank you ladies!!


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