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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moss Landing...part 1

 A few weeks ago my good friend Dawn came out for a visit.
She (along with my family) helped me get through the early days of
 this roller coaster of life I'm on now.
Her daughter, Becci, came with her along with her 2 sweet little ones,
this being their first time to California.

Now you know we always have to head to Monterey when Dawn comes
And this time was no exception.

And as always the first stop is Moss Landing to see the Otters.

There was only one out this trip....

He (or she) must have thought he was really dirty....

he swished

and rolled forward


back and forth

scrubbing his chest

under arms

and was still bathing when we left!

They are such cute little critters!


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