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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wedding Plans

More decisions have been made!!

We went to taste the offerings at the venue
to decide what would be served.

What a meal we had!
Everything was DELISH!
We had:
Rosemary Chicken
Tri Tip with sauce (forgot name)
Pasta Pesto
Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Brandon and Tanya chose the Rosemary Chicken and
Garlic Mashed Potatoes (which are to die for by the way!!!)
Italian Salad and Garlic Bread will also be served.

Tanya revamped the Centerpieces.
They are even prettier ♥

She brought one to see how it would look on the table...
for height and width, etc.

She has done such a fantastic job with them.

She also made a decision on the Bridesmaids Dresses,
separates were chosen.
This top is slightly different than the one she picked.
And this is not her colors...
Her colors will be Pool and Lettuce. 

We needed to get Melissa in and measured before the end of Dec.
 so while we were in the neighborhood
 we ran over to the Bridal Store after the taste testing.
All measured and paid, we left feeling that things were under
very good control.

That lasted until the next day....

Tanya received a call from the Bridal Store.
Evidently Alfred Angelo had discontinued the separate line
a few months ago and failed to notify the store!
The saleswoman found out when she went to place the order.

So poor Tanya is back to square one.
She needs to find the Bridesmaids Dresses by the end of Dec.
in order for them to be ready by June.
Just what you want to be doing during the Holiday rush..NOT!
Feel so bad for her.
But at least it wasn't 'her' dress!
Feel bad for the Store too, but...
Tanya was kind enough to go down and get our money back
Thanks Tanya!!

But the show must go on!
Here is the Flower Girls Dress
It is sooo cute!

While at the Bridal Store I thought I'd better start looking for me.
I've always wanted a dress with a handkerchief hem...not that I had any place to wear it....but I do now!

I like the style of this 2 piece.
It's the wrong color and
way the wrong size (top too big/skirt too small) 
but tried it on to get an idea.
Boy do I need to lose weight!!!

It is also from Alfred Angelo...so kind of leery that they may have discontinued one or both pieces.
But I need to get to the Mall and get serous about finding something.
Geesh, I haven't even worn a dress in years!
Wish me luck :)


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