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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fertilizer Friday ~ 9/24/10

I'm joining for Tootsie Time Fertilizer Friday.

The gardens are winding down for sure,
cooler days with much cooler nights.
Although it's to go up this weekend into the 90's,
so Summer isn't quite ready to relinquish control yet.

The Lantana I rescued from
Walmart's clearance - buy before I die - section
is finally doing well.
By next Summer she will be really filled in and sprawling.
Love her color. 

Grape Hyacinths are sprouting.
Why do they always come to the top of the soil?
I planted them at the proper depth.
I cover them every year only to have them
pop up in the Fall.

The Lisianthis is enjoying the cooler temperatures.

I had to show you this little Pelargonium that has sprouted -
probably from a cutting/trimming.
It's so tiny (maybe 3" tall) and it's blooming!

My daughter's cat, Mommy Kitty, came out with me.
She's stopped to smell the Roses Pinks.

Wishing all a great Gardening Weekend!!


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