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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Help Needed!

I am hoping someone out there is able to help.
Something has been getting into our pond and catching our fish.
Let me start at the beginning....
About 2-3 weeks ago something started getting into the dog food can (small galvanized trash can style) I keep on the deck. When I'd go out in the morning the lid would be knocked off. I figured it was just the neighborhood stray cats. This went on for about a week & I decided to "tighten" the lid.
The next morning there was one of our koi near the pond missing it's head.
Many of the boulders and large pieces of slate from the edges were knocked into the pond. The water lily that once covered the surface was torn up.
I cleaned it all up and replaced the rocks.
I dug out our cat cage and set it up.
For about a week....nothing, all was calm.
Two nights ago it came back and got into the dog food can once again.
The next night I placed a watering can on top of the dog food can to see what would happen, that night all was calm...nothing had been touched.
Now each night since the decapitated fish we've been setting the cat trap with tuna...it has never been sprung or had any sign of interest.
Last night I forgot to set it. I also left the lid to the can unweighted.
The can and trap went untouched.
But this morning, again, a koi was laying about 2 feet from the pond. This time still intact except for a little blood from, what I assume, teeth/claw.
All the large boulders & slate were once again knocked into the pond. The water lily torn up.
Now, at first I thought it was hungry....getting into the dog food, eating the head. But now I am so confused.
Why didn't it eat what it caught last night?
If it's only "playing" why did it get into the dog food?
If it's not hungry, no wonder it won't go into the trap.
What would actually get into 2-3 foot of water??
And have the weight to knock in the boulders?
You can see by the way the pond looks that it is actually in there trying to catch a fish. The water lily is twisted and torn like it would be if I were in there trying to catch one bare handed.
Playing with the fish doesn't sound like a wild animal.
Our backyard is surrounded with a wooden fence.
There are no holes under, so it is comming over??
A Heron/Crane wouldn't be knocking the boulders in, plus they would eat it.
What could it be?
 Racoon? Opossum? what else?
How am I going to get rid of it?
I am hoping someone has had or has heard of something similar to this and can help me figure out what to do.
Thanks for taking the time to read this..
I'm at my wits end!   


  1. I would think raccoon or skunk maybe but Im not sure I would think setting a trap would be the best way to solve the problem. Or trying to set up some type of camera or camcorder and seeing if you can catch it on camera to see what it is.


  2. Thanks Leslie, I was thinking about the recorder too. Did get a suggestion...I'm going to put flour all around the pond to see if it will leave footprints. Alos I'm going to place snake skins around the pond. I always save the skins from when my daughter's python sheds. They work great for gopher's. We'll see....

  3. Wow, sounds like something is busy. But probably not a cat, they avoid that water pretty much of the time -- or at least getting that wet, LOL. Not being sure of your surrounding area it's hard to say. Maybe a fox??? Although the dog food sounds more raccoon. And since you said claw/teeth probably not bird especially as they don't get into cans or eat dog food, LOL. Whatever it is, probably did intend to eat the fish and was scared off before it could. Maybe you could set a video cam in the window face the area and see what happens? Good luck, Deb!

  4. I am incline to agree with the others that it sounds like a racoon. Before they built the subdivisons around us, it was nothing to come home and see the racoon sitting on the top of my trash barrel. They can get into so much.The flour should give you a foot print even if the flour gets wet. I will be waiting to hear what you discover.


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