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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Strawberry Fig Jam

It's Fig Season!
I have a Fig Tree I dug up from my Parent's house some 15 years ago. I love this tree! It was a seedling back then, from their tree. Since, it has grown and produces the best tasting Figs.
My backyard birds agree! But we have come to an arrangement. I leave the ones on top I can't reach for them & they leave the bottom ones for me ;~)
Since I'm really the only one here that really loves Figs (the best way to eat them is off the tree for breakfast!), I've had to come up with a way to use them up as so none go to waste.
Here's one of my favorite Fig Recipes:
Strawberry Fig Jam
3 Cups mashed figs
3 Cups sugar
1 Large Box Strawberry (or 2 small boxes if large isn’t available).
** Combine together in your large jelly-making pot. Bring to boil on medium/high heat stirring often so that it does not scorch. Bring to a boil, and boil on a hard rolling boil until the mixture coats the spoon and changes from a bright red to a dark ruby red, approx. 10-15 mins.. Immediately fill hot jelly jars with boiling preserves, seal with lids and bands, and immerse in boiling water bath for 15 minutes. Remove jars to dish towel on counter to cool. Listen for the “ping” as the lids
seal on the jars.
YIELD: Approximately 4-6 small jelly jars (8 oz. jars)
Everyone loves this Jam. I have recently heard you can also use Raspberry Jello. Gonna try that next!
This goes well on biscuits, pancakes, PBJ sandwiches, ice cream and is simply divine on plain old toast.

Now to try to figure out what to do with all these fresh Grapes you see on the background..........


  1. Crazy? I think we're all a bit crazy...crazy, passionate about the things we love and love to do!
    Gotta buy some figs..this sounds yummy and did you know that figs are an aphrodisiac? ;)
    Here's to LOTS more comments!

    1. Thanks, I needed that! Aphrodisiac? did not know. Learn something everyday! LOL *hugs*

  2. What kind of shelf life do these have?

    1. They last about a year in the freezer I'm told, but ours never make it that long! LOL


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