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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

Just a quick post to wish all of you
the Best and Warmest Memory Making Holiday Season ever!
Should you or family be traveling, wishing a safe journey.
Take care and hope Santa is good to you =)


Sunday, December 21, 2008

No More Lawn a At Last!!!

For a while now, I've wanted to rid our front yard of lawn.
Let's face it, lawn takes a lot of maintenance and water.
We've haven't met our rainfall for the last few years, so my neighbors don't think I'm as crazy a they thought I was! 

I used the same method in the front as I did in the back.
Cover the existing lawn with a thick layer of newspaper.
On top on the newspaper add a thick layer of compost.
The newspaper kills the lawn and turns into compost too.
I consider it the lazy man's  lazy woman's way to garden.
I really don't consider myself lazy,
but I don't go looking for extra work if I can get away with an easier method =)
Neighbors didn't understand why I didn't dig up the lawn,
remove a layer of soil and replace it with "good" soil.
Heck no!

So here a few pics I took along the way.
I started the beginning of last summer.
Took my time (needed to save the money)
and finally finished last month.

The front lawn ~ before
The grass is gone!
Recycled brick edging.
Salvaged rock property line border.
Keep that lawn over there! ;)
The other half. I found this beautiful red slate at the quarry.
I made paths from the sidewalk and driveway to the main sidewalk. I love it! That pot you see is where the sewer cleanout is.
Haven't decided exactly what to do there yet to keep it "clear".
So far the spring bulbs are in, along with a few Iris.
White and purple Violets, Foam Flower then Lily of the Valley followed. Recently I purchased a Pomegranate and Beauty Berry. Anxious to see them all sprout out in the spring.
Considering a small rock/stone water? feature to include.
It will evolve over time.
No hurry to fully plant.
I like to see what calls out to me.

Right now I am just enjoying NO LAWN!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Hang Tags

I belong to an eBay Group called Age Before Beauty (AB4B). It's filled with a group of ladies who are very Talented Artisans. Each month there is a group launch of items within a particular theme. This month is "Shopping Frenzy". =)

Well, was I surprised yesterday to pop into the group and see one of my launch items featured! I am still amazed I was invited to join this wonderful group & feel honored to be able to join in these launches.

These are the Holiday Tags that were chosen ro be featured!

Here are others that are listed currently.

Should you like to see more lovely handcrafted items by our group

 type AB4B into the search bar on eBay =) You won't be disappointed!
Toodles til next time


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