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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Melissa!

Happy Birthday to my one
and only baby girl!

It seems like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms.

Oh how you've grown ~
You've come a long way from Snakes

to spring horses

 and real ones ~

Princess Leah

to a Ballerina,

to your cute

 adorable self!

The sweetest little sister

to big brother Brandon

then the best big sister to Ty and Cody.

You've sent wishes up into the air

and made more down on Earth.

A true child of the '80's ~

and now~

Sweet innocence.....

Did I say sweet innocence?


You seek out your own direction

 I love how you make me laugh

You are so much fun!

And now you've become Auntie M!
Izzy loves to be with you!
 But most of all I am proud of the smart, caring and
beautiful young woman you have grown into.

I'm the proudest Mom in the world to be able to say
''That's my Daughter!'', and my best friend.

I love you with ALL my heart,
which is something that won't ever change.

Through all our trials and tribulations,
I admire the woman you've become.
You're always right there by my side,
 keeping me strong
and to help with whatever needs to be done.

Happy Birthday Melissa
I only wish all the best and happiness for you!

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Versatile GMETAL-5 Dual Function Lantern Flashlight #gmetal5

Protect Yourself, Your Home And Family

What you were looking for is right here!
The GMETAL-5 Tactical flashlight
Lantern (2 in 1) has arrived to make the difference!

Dual Functionality - Double Strength & Durability

The Gmetal-5 delivers a maximum 500 lumen output as a flashlight and a lantern. The flashlight has 3 modes: High 500lms/Low 300lms/Strobe 500lms, which scrolls through with a single click. They are all activated in seconds.

A perfect tool not only for illuminating your surroundings, and protecting your livelihood, but also a trusted friend for emergencies and for difficult situations.

Lightweight and durable, waterproof and strong, with rechargeable battery - just plug the USB cable and charge within a few hours.

Strike Bezel ends + Blinding 500 Lumens will give anyone a tactical advantage when faced in a combat situation.
Be prepared with both a flashlight and a lantern when there's a power outage or when your stuck on the side of the road at night. The versatility of this lighting tool will allow you to tackle any problem and is always good to keep around when in need of illumination.

Keep the Cree XPE LED the Gmetal-5 Dual Flashlight always with you! An excellent and important tool for all your outdoor activities.

A crucial equipment piece for adventurers and professionals.
The ideal companion for campers, hunters, night joggers and runners. Also perfect for forest guards, officers, policemen, professional hunters, night shift workers - even for divers.

This is a sweet combo, that won't disappoint.
Easy to use and bright as can be.
First press on the button turns it on brightly,
second press dims and third flashes.
Love the convenient lanyard for your wrist or to hang by.
Fits nicely in your hand.

This item comes also with a 2 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty! All repairs, replacement, and labor are free of charge for 2 years.

Available here

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free or a
discounted price from Night Provision.

Regardless, all opinions expressed are my honest opinions based on my personal experiences.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Gardening Tips and Tricks

Thought I'd jot down a few tips that you all may or may not already know. I think it's always good to review and remind ourselves each year, I know I can always use reminders!
1. In general, thinner leaved plants need more water to stay alive, thicker leaved plants need less.

2. Attract ladybugs to your garden with nectar-producing plants such as parsley, dill and fennel.

3. Change the water in a bird bath every few days to help reduce the mosquito population.

4. Rotate your crops each year to help reduce pest and disease problems, as well as correct nutrient deficiencies and excesses.

5. Native trees and plants are low maintenance; they develop natural defenses against insects, disease and they rarely need pruning or feeding.

6. Less than 2 percent of the insects in the world are harmful. Most are beneficial insects.

7. Learn what the different life-cycle stages look like for both beneficial insects and pests – you don’t want to accidentally wage war on the “good guys.”

8. Place pest repelling plants, such as garlic, next to easily infested plants.

9. Orchard Mason bees are excellent pollinators. Attract them to your garden or orchard by providing nesting blocks.

10. Botanical insecticides are derived from plants and can be more toxic than some chemicals. It's best to try a strong hose spray to aide in knocking soft-bodied pests off plants such as aphids, leafhoppers and spider mites.

11. Water in the morning to help avoid powdery mildew and other fungal diseases that are often spread by high humidity levels.

12. Use barriers against pests instead of insecticides whenever possible. Some pest barriers include floating row covers, netting, copper slug tape, protective collars, and Tanglefoot Pest Barrier.

13. Vegetables that become over-ripe are an automatic lure for some garden pests. Remove them as quickly as possible to avoid detection.

14. Diatomaceous earth makes an excellent organic insecticide – it is an abrasive white powder used to damage the cuticle, skin and joints of insects.

15. Avoid using railroad ties in or around your vegetable garden; the chemicals used to preserve the wood are now thought to be harmful.

16. New beds require plenty of compost, soil amendments and double digging for that extra kick.

17. Earthworms are extremely beneficial to the soil and plants, increasing air space in the soil and leaving behind worm castings. Do everything you can to encourage worms in your soil.

18. Keep dirt off lettuce and cabbage leaves by spreading a 1-2 inch layer of mulch (untreated by pesticides or fertilizers) around each plant. This also helps control weeds.

19. Pest management begins with healthy soil. It produces healthy plants, which are better able to withstand disease and insect damage.

20. Bats are a great form of natural pest control. Many in North America feed exclusively on insects and eat more than birds and bug zappers combined. A study has shown that bug zappers kill more beneficials than pests.

21. Sage repels cabbage moths and flea beetles.

22. Companion planting is an excellent way to improve your garden. Some plants replenish nutrients lost by another one, and some combinations effectively keep pests away.

This is just skimming the top, for more in depth look into any particular interest, the internet is full of information.


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